Solar Water Heater

  • Solar Water Heater Our solar water heater features simple but practical design.
    This product is anti freezing and water scale thus it can be used at high latitude places.
    Our water heater presents good safety, easy maintenance, high heating efficiency and more.
    The solar water heater has high heating efficiency, as it is designed with pure copper solar absorber, black chromed or blue selective coating, and highly transmitting tempered glass...
  • Tube Solar Water Heater Our tube solar water heater features hard borosilicate glass tube with a diameter of 58 mm and length of 1800 mm. This offers the heater good resistance to 30mm hailstone.
    It has no pressure operation (open type).
    The solar water heater is welded with high efficiency rolling welding machine and it is made of imported high quality stainless steel that has good corrosive resistance and good application of temperature...
  • Solar Collector Our solar collector can be manufactured in special design for overseas markets with special anodized aluminum alloy frame, featuring aesthetic appearance and it can bear high pressure without leakage.
    Installation with 50mm fiber glass insulation and EPDM seal strip assure that the solar collector can work under harsh and very cold temperature.
    The patterned tempered glass or low-iron tempered glass (4mm thickness) of our solar collector is not easy ...

A solar water heater makes use of solar energy to generate heat energy, thus heating water for use in families, factories and schools, etc. Our solar water heater is composed of a vacuum tube solar collector or a flat plate solar collector, a water tank and other related accessories. The solar collector functions to convert solar energy into heat energy.

Our flat plate solar water heater has advantages over vacuum tube water heater that it has higher heating efficiency, longer service life, higher hot water cleanness, lower cost due to copper material saving, and better pressure resistance. It is also convenient for installation and maintenance free. All our flat plate solar collectors come with Solar Key Mark.

Due to high thermal efficiency and low cost, our solar water heater and solar collector as well as other related products are exported to Australia, Spain, France, Italy and Poland, etc. With high production efficiency, we can deliver goods in 20-25 days after receiving 30% deposit. Some solar water heater spare parts are also included with the shipment.

We is a professional solar water heater manufacturer in China. We provide a wide variety of products, including commercial air source heat pump, household heat pump water heater, solar collector, high temperature air source heat pump, and much more.

Other Products
  • Commercial Air Source Heat Pump We Commercial air source heat pump is designed for offering hot water for commercial use, such as office, workshop, supermarket, school, and more...