Solar Collector

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Features of Solar Collector
1. Our solar collector can be manufactured in special design for overseas markets with special anodized aluminum alloy frame, featuring aesthetic appearance and it can bear high pressure without leakage.
2. Installation with 50mm fiber glass insulation and EPDM seal strip assure that the solar collector can work under harsh and very cold temperature.
3. The patterned tempered glass or low-iron tempered glass (4mm thickness) of our solar collector is not easy to break and it has very high transmission and low emission to ensure high solar yields.
4. The operation temperature of our collector is -33℃ ~ 120℃.
5. Our solar collector has passed EN12975 -1,2 test.
6. This product is also certified by Solar Keymark.

Technical Specification of Solar Collector

Inner tank SUS304-2B (δ=0.35), Color: natural color
Shell of tank Aluminum-zinc coated steel plate (δ=0.4) Color: silver gray
End cap Galvanized steel plate with plastic spraying (δ=0.4), Color: magenta
Bracket Galvanized steel plate with plastic spraying (δ=1.1), Color: magenta
Vacuum tube type φ58×1800, T super tube
Fivestar FS-III Colorful Screen Intelligent Controller Optional
Models available 14 tubes, 18 tubes, 22 tubes

We is a professional solar collector manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide variety of products, including solar water heater, commercial air source heat pump, household heat pump water heater, and much more.

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