Tube Solar Water Heater

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Features of Tube Solar Water Heater
1. Our tube solar water heater features hard borosilicate glass tube with a diameter of 58 mm and length of 1800 mm. This offers the heater good resistance to 30mm hailstone.
2. It has no pressure operation (open type).
3. The solar water heater is welded with high efficiency rolling welding machine and it is made of imported high quality stainless steel that has good corrosive resistance and good application of temperature.
4. 55mm high dense polyurethane integral foam ensures the good heat-preservation of our tube solar water heater.
5. The reflection sheet for our tube solar water heater is assembled from many stainless steel sheets with easy installation and advantages in ventilation and prevention of snow from collecting.

Technical Specification of Tube Solar Water Heater

Inner tank SUS304-2B (δ=0.35), Color: natural color
Shell of tank Aluminum-zinc coated steel plate (δ=0.4) Color: silver gray
End cap Galvanized steel plate with plastic spraying (δ=0.4), Color: magenta
Bracket Galvanized steel plate with plastic spraying (δ=1.1), Color: magenta
Vacuum tube type φ58×1800, T super tube
Fivestar FS-III Colorful Screen Intelligent Controller Optional
Available models 14 tubes, 18 tubes, 22 tubes

We is a professional tube solar water heater manufacturer based in China. We provide a vast range of products including solar collector, household heat pump water heater, commercial air source heat pump, and others.

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