Solar Water Heater

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Key Features of Solar Water Heater
1. Our solar water heater features simple but practical design.
2. This product is anti freezing and water scale thus it can be used at high latitude places.
3. Our water heater presents good safety, easy maintenance, high heating efficiency and more.
4. The solar water heater has high heating efficiency, as it is designed with pure copper solar absorber, black chromed or blue selective coating, and highly transmitting tempered glass.
5. The heater comes with reliable performance heat insulation layer which foams under automatic constant temperature and at high pressure condition. Hence the aging of our solar water heater occurs at high temperature.
6. This water heater works under pressure that enables multiple water supplies. The water in tank will not contact the air, which protects from being contaminated and the abortive design of bracket ensures safe use.
7. The oxidized alum alloy brackets resist malfunctioning and it is clean, environmental friendly, energy saving and more.

Technical Specification of Solar Water Heater

NT-SST (Compact Style) Flat Plate Solar Water Heater
Model no. NT-SST-150 NT-SST-200 NT-SST-300
Water Tank Capacity 150L pressurized 200L pressurized 300L pressurized
Style Horizontal integrated Horizontal integrated Horizontal integrated
Shell FC aluminum plate(silver&black) FC aluminum plate(silver&black) FC aluminum plate(silver&black)
Inner Tank Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Max Working Pressure 0.6MPa 0.6MPa 0.6MPa
Subsidiary electrical Heater 1.5kW 1.5kW 2.5kW
Package Dimension 590×590×1380mm 650×650×1500mm 590×590×2580mm
Solar collector Model no. NT-PTZ95-2.0-4 NT-PTZ95-2.37-4 NT-PTZ95-2.0-4
Dimension of solar collector 2000×1000×95mm 2150×1100×95mm 2000×1000×95mm x 2pcs
Gross area 2.0 ㎡ 2.37 ㎡ 4 ㎡
Absorber area 1.73 ㎡ 2.07 ㎡ 3.46 ㎡
Bracket Material Cold-rolled plate with plastic sputtering Cold-rolled plate with plastic sputtering Cold-rolled plate with plastic sputtering

As a specialized solar water heater manufacturer and supplier in China, We also provides tubular solar water heater, solar collector, commercial air source heat pump, and domestic heat pump water heater, among others.

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