DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump

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Key Features and Advantages of DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump
1. Our air source heat pump uses advanced DC inverter heat pump technology.
2. It features low starting current and high working efficiency.
3. Our heat pump is reliable for working and presents easy operation.
4. It has twin rotary compressor with inverter control that enables DC inverter technology to control heat pump output according to the household's energy requirements, thus having low waste of the power.
5. The advanced heat pump technology can reduce heating costs by 65% compared with the traditional heating elements, making it an economical and high efficiency product.
6. The R410a refrigerant applied in our air source heat pump is environmentally friendly featuring green energy with no CO2 emissions.
7. The heat pump is extremely easy to control because of its intelligent controller and LCD displaying.
8. Overheating protection, high compressor discharge pressure, high compressor temperature and low pressure protection, makes the unit running safely.
9. Electronic Expansion Value allows the accurate refrigerant go through under different working conditions. So it ensures that the DC inverter air source heat pump can work with high efficiency to provide enough cooling/heating capacity in any weather conditions.
10. Hydrophilic coating air exchanger and SWEP plate heat exchanger are all available for our heat pump.
11. 4-way valve is installed to ensure reliable defrosting function.
12. Our DC inverter air source heat pump adopts Wilo water circulation pump.
13. Relatively low initial investment is easy and convenient for installation and maintenance.

Technical Specification of the DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump

Model NT-FIV -6 NT-FIV -9 NT-FIV -18
Cooling Capacity KW 5.5 8.5 16.5
Heating Capacity KW 6 9.3 18
Compressor Type Rotary Rotary
Quantity 1 1 2
Cooling Power Input KW 1.7 2.6 5.1
Heating Power Input KW 1.6 2.4 4.9
COP/EER 3.8/3/3 3.8/3.3 3.7/3.2
Running Current A 7.7 11.8 23.3
Max. Water Temperature 58 58 58
Min. Operating Temperature -20 -20 -20
Power Supply V/PH/Hz 220/1/50 220/1/50 220/1/50
Fan Quantity 1 1 2
Fan Power W 120 150
Water Flow m3/h 1 1.6 3.1
Water Pressure Drop m 20 22 30
Noise dB(A) 48 52 58
Water Connections Inch 3/4 1" 1"
Net Dimensions mm 1100*420*650 1100*420*850 1350*550*1230

Measurement conditions for above parameters
Heating: Outdoor Air Temp.:7℃
Inlet Water Temp.: 40℃, outlet
Water Temp.: 45℃

With the advanced DC inverter technology, We DC inverter air source heat pump can save 65% heating cost, compared to the traditional heating device like gas/fuel boiler and electrical heater. It works perfectly with the radiator and floor heater in order to provide a comfortable living environment even in very cold winter. It is one of the best heating devices available today.

As a specialized DC inverter air source heat pump manufacturer and supplier in China, We also provides commercial air source heat pump, split air source heat pump, tubular solar water heater, solar collector, and more.

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