Low Ambient Temp EVI Air Source Heat Pump

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Features and Advantages of the Low Ambient Temp EVI Air Source Heat Pump
1. Our EVI air source heat pump is specially designed for house heating in cold area. The ambient temperature range is -25℃ to 43℃. It can be used safely in -20℃ ambient.
2. In comparison with normal heat pump which presents difficulty in heating below -5℃, our EVI technology importantly increases refrigerant flow of the main loop and outside evaporation enthalpy difference brings 7% to 34% additional heating.
3. It features a strong low-temperature heating capacity.
4. EVI air source heat pump significantly improves the problem of insufficient flow of refrigerant in low-temperature environment by the secondary compressor suction, making it useful even if the outdoor temperature is as low as -20℃ and without obvious thermal decay problem.
5. Although EVI heat pump costs more than normal heat pump, but it brings you more benefits on the base of total cost as it eliminates the initial investment for central heating device and the operating cost is extremely low.
6. The heating capacity is 11.16-36.3.1kW, for hot water outlet is 30-65℃, making it suitable for central heating and sanitary hot water.
7. The Emerson Expansion Valve keeps the system's pressure in balance with America Copeland Compressor.
8. Our heat pump features compact design, easier installation and takes up less space.
9. It adopts thermal insulation for all pipes with low heat loss.
10. Our air source heat pump has high efficiency reverse circuit design with auto defrosting function.
11. Its drainage hole can discharge out condensed water fluently.
12. The fans operate in quiet mode offering low noise.
13. The wire controller of our air source heat pump is installed indoor, making it convenient for users.
14. R22/ R417A /R407C Refrigerants for heat pump are all available.
15. Fashionable design with fan discharging in horizontal and vertical style is also offered,
16. Powder coated or 304# Stainless steel cabinet are applied, it is anti corrosion and durable to use for more than 10 years.
17. The whole units are warranted for a period of one year.

Technical Specification of Low Ambient Temp EVI Air Source Heat Pump

Model   XSD10-A7/D XSD20-A7Ⅱ/D KFS10-D/D KFS16-DⅡ/D KFS35-DⅡ/D KFS45-DⅡ/D
HP   3 5 3 5 10 12
Heating capacity kW 10.00 19.31 10.26 17.83 37.43 43.42
BTU/h 34120 65886 35007 60836 127711 148149
COP   4.31 4.80 4.42 4.44 4.41 4.51
Rated Heated water output L/h 133 262 219 381 800 929
Rated outlet water temp. 55
Max outlet water temp 60
Rated power input kW 2.32 4.02 2.32 4.02 8.48 9.63
Rated current A 10.55 18.27 10.55 6.11 10.58 22.32
Power supply V/PH/Hz 220V/1Ph/50Hz 380V/3Ph/50Hz 220V/1Ph/50Hz 380V/3Ph/50Hz
Compressor Type Scroll
Number 1 1 1 1 2 2
Heat exchanger type   High efficiency tube in shell heat exchanger
Throttling device   Emerson thermal expansion valve
Fan Type Low noise high efficiency axial type
Discharging Horizontal Vertical
Quantity 1 2 1 1 2 2
Power input/W 50 90 70 250 250 250
Speed/RPM 850 850 850 880 880 880
Ambient temperature (-25℃~43℃)
Refrigerant   R22/R417a/R407c
Noise in 1 meter distance dB(A) 59 63 59 62 63 63
Water pipe size Inch R1(DN25) R1(DN25) R1 R1 R1-1/2 R1-1/2
Cabinet   Stainless Steel Stainless Steel/Steel with powder coated
Low pressure protection system   Yes
High pressure protection system   Yes
Water flow switch   No
Automatically defrost system   Yes
Dimension mm 800/400/1220 1110/530/1260 710/710/795 810/810/995 1450/705/1375 1450/705/1375
Package dimension mm 950/550/1400 1260/680/1430 810/810/980 920/920/1080 1580/840/1450 1580/840/1450
Net weight kg 110 155 107 129 285 305
Gross weight kg 134 178 123 152 325 345
Testing condition: Ambient temp.(DB/WB) = 20℃/15 ℃, Inlet/outlet water temp. = 15℃/ 55 ℃    

When the ambient temperature drops to below zero degree in winter, the normal air source heat pump can not run stably due to the system low evaporation temperature, small gas absorption and small system gas flow unstably, even causing trouble like compressor liquid hammered. Thus, our low ambient temp EVI air source heat pump in contrast to the normal air source heat pump can be the perfect solution to meet the heating equipment in the cold area in winter. Adopting the most advanced low- temperature enhances vapors Injection Compressor Technology. This heat pump delivers higher heating capacity at low evaporation temperature thereby better responding to heating requirements than normal air source heat pump. It also results in less supplementary heating to cover the full heating demand on the coldest days. It has been further optimized to enable heat pumps to efficiently produce water temperature up to 65℃ during cold winter time.

We are a manufacturer and supplier specialized in low ambient temp EVI air source heat pump in China. We also offer commercial air source heat pump, household heat pump water heater, solar water heater, and many others.

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