Direct Heating Commercial Air Source Heat Pump

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Main Features and Advantages of Direct Heating Commercial Air Source Heat Pump
1. The heating capacity of our direct heating commercial air source heat pump ranges from 11.2~87.4 kW.
2. The air source heat pump is available with R407C/R410A or R22 refrigerants both environment friendly to offer high COP, up to 4.5.
3. This product uses Copeland scroll compressors and American tube and shell heat exchanger which feature high efficiency.
4. Our direct heating commercial air source heat pump applies Emerson Pump ALCO expansion valve, with accurate and stable throttling function.
5. It presents high efficiency coaxial coil tube and shell heat exchanger with low fouling, and low maintenance cost.
6. This product has durable coating, with fashionable design that adopts bolts and nuts, with no damage to the coating which helps avoiding rust.
7. The accurate casing for the fan shroud, with strictly equal distance between the fan blades and the fan shroud edge, largely reduce the vibration and noise.
8. The highest water outlet temperature of the direct heating commercial air source heat pump is 60℃.
9. This product has special modular system design with big units separated in 2 systems with separate compressors. Each system stays as a module and it can start and work separately.
10. Big units adopting Unique "V" style evaporator design is a big strongpoint for the unit. It increases the condenser space in air flow direction, which results in bigger effective air volume. It had been proved to be better efficiency by our testing. This design is also easier for the defrosting water to drain out.
11. Our direct heating commercial air source heat pump saves running cost as high as 60%~80% compared to oil boiler, gas boiler, boiler, electric water heater etc.
12. The whole units of this product are warranted for one year.
13. Powder coated cabinet is utilized for attractive appearance and economical purpose.
14. This product is able to connect with existing water system.
15. The air source heat pump is very easy to install with water pipe and its power can be connected to the socket safely.
16. The product uses built-in solenoid valve to prevent passive flowing at hot water side.
17. The inlet water temp is of 15℃ and outlet water temp is 55℃, only on one time cycle.

Our direct heating commercial air source heat pump can provide heating and hot water for commercial places where need much hot water and heating function, such as hotel, factory, school, hospital, military, villa, village and more.

Technical Specification of Direct Heating Commercial Air Source Heat Pump

Power  HP 3 5 10 12 16 20 25
Heating capacity kW 11.20 18.00 36.30 43.70 54.40 69.80 87.40
BTU/h 38214 61416 123856 149104 185613 238158 298209
COP   4.67 4.62 4.65 4.62 4.69 4.58 4.64
Rated Heated water output L/h 241 387 780 939 1169 1500 1879
Rated outlet water temp. 55
Max outlet water temp 60
Rated power input kW 2.40 3.90 7.80 9.45 11.60 15.23 18.85
Rated current A 10.9 7.41 14.81 17.94 22.03 28.92 32.1
Power supply V/PH/Hz 220V~/50Hz 380V/3N~/50Hz
Compressor Type Scroll
Number 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
Heat exchanger type   High efficiency tube in shell heat exchanger
Throttling device   Emerson thermal expansion valve
Fan Type Low noise high efficiency axial type
Discharging Vertical
Quantity 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
Power input/W 70 250 250 250 550 750 750
Speed/RPM 850 880 880 880 910 940 940
Ambient temperature (-10℃~43℃)
Refrigerant   R22/R407C
Noise in 1 meter distance dB 59 62 63 63 66 68 68
Water pipe size Inch R1 R1 R1-1/2 R1-1/2 Rc2 Rc2-1/2 Rc2-1/2
Cabinet   Stainless Steel/Steel with powder coated Steel with powder coated
Low pressure protection system   Yes
High pressure protection system   Yes
Water flow switch   No
Automatically defrost system   Yes
Dimension mm 710/710/795 810/810/995 1450/705/1375 1450/705/1375 1445/850/1850 1990/980/2045 1990/980/2045
Package dimension mm 810/810/980 920/920/1080 1580/840/1450 1580/840/1450 1580/860/2000 2090/1190/2145 2090/1190/2145
Net weight kg 99 137 276 305 380 552 586
Gross weight kg 115 160 316 345 440 622 656
Testing condition: Ambient temp.(DB/WB) = 20℃/ 15 ℃, Inlet/outlet water temp. = 15℃/55℃   

We is a professional manufacturer of direct heating commercial air source heat pump based in China. Our products include household heat pump water heater, solar collector, solar water heater, and much more.

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