Household Heat Pump Water Heater

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Features of Household Heat Pump Water Heater
1. The household heat pump water heater is designed with built-in highly efficient tube and shell heat exchanger and WILO water pump.
2. It features compact design, easier installation, and it takes up less space.
3. All pipes have thermal insulation and low heat loss.
4. Our household heat pump water heater has high efficiency reverse circuit design with auto defrosting function.
5. The LCD wire controller is installed indoor to be convenient for users.
6. This product adopts 304# Stainless steel cabinet, with anti corrosion and durable effect.

Household heat pump water heater is suitable for family usage, application in villa, apartment, high-floor residence, restaurant, hotel and multi-floor living building for heating and sanitary hot water use.

Technical specification of Household Heat Pump Water Heater

Model   KF80-B KF120-B KF240-B KF400-B KF480-B
Power HP 1 1.5 3 5 6
Heating capacity kW 3.71 5.58 11.6 19.1 18.1
BTU/h 12659 19039 39579 65169 61757
COP   4.12 4.46 4.64 4.24 4.11
Rated heated water output L/h 80 120 240 400 480
Rated outlet water temp. 55
Max outlet water temp. 60
Rated power input kW 0.9 1.25 2.5 4.5 4.4
Rated current A 3.73 5.89 11.36 6.45 25.2
Power supply V/PH/Hz 220V/1N~/50Hz 380V/3N~/50Hz  
Compressor Type Rotary Scroll
Number 1 1 1 1 2
Heat exchanger type Number High efficiency tube in shell heat exchanger
Throttling device   Capillary Emerson thermal expansion valve
Fan Type Low noise high efficiency axial type
Discharging Horizontal Horizontal/Vertical Vertical
Quantity 1 1 1 2 2
Power input/W 20 20 50 90 160
Speed/RPM 830 830 850 850 850
Ambient temperature (-10℃~43℃)
Refrigerant   R22/R410A R22/R407C
Noise in 1 meter distance dB ≤54dB(A) ≤54dB(A) ≤59dB(A) ≤62dB(A) ≤62dB(A)
Water pipe size inch Rc3/4 Rc3/4 R1 R1 R1-1/2
Suggested water tank capacity L 100-150 200-300 300-500 500 500
Cabinet   Stainless steel
Low pressure protection system   Yes
High pressure protection system   Yes
Water flow switch   No
Automatically defrost system   Yes
Product Dimension mm 710/310/940 710/310/940 800/400/1220 1110/530/1260 1430/700/860
(left-right)mm 930/360/560 930/360/560 760/700/860    
Package dimension mm 850/450/1020 850/450/1020 950/550/1400 1260/680/1430 1570/840/1050
  (left-right)mm 1080/450/660 1080/450/660 900/830/1050    
Net weight kg 55 62 110 155 190
  (left-right)mm 48 55 95    
Gross weight kg 67 74 134 178 249
  (left-right)mm 58 65 139    
Testing condition: Ambient temp.(DB/WB) = 20℃/ 15 ℃, Inlet/outlet water temp. = 15℃/55℃ 

Our household heat pump water heater adopts high efficiency tube and shell heat exchanger and has built in water pump inside the heat pump unit. This ensures not only high efficiency performance of the system but also easy installation of work. This product is different from other ordinary domestic Split System which is simply installed to connect to the heat pump unit and then to the water tank through water piping. The refrigerant pipe connection work will not be necessary to heat the water. The water tank connection with this heat pump does not have copper coil heat exchanger inside, which saves the cost of water tank.

As a manufacturer and supplier specialized in household heat pump water heater in China, We also provides commercial air source heat pump, split air source heat pump, solar water heater, among others.

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