Split Air Source Heat Pump

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We Luxury split air source heat pump provides energy-efficient space heating, cooling and domestic hot water for residential and small commercial application. Adopting the Green refrigerant R410a for highly efficient with low running costs, low carbon emission hence enabling it to be integrated with energy systems such as solar heater and boiler. The split design has no water system outside, any freezing or damage to water system. All hydraulic parts are located within the indoor unit. Parts such as water pump, expansion vessel, buffer tank and safety equipment have already been fitted inside the indoor unit. Optional refrigerant pipe quick connection is available to reduce installation cost.

Application of Split Air Source Heat Pump
We split system heat pump also can be installed in both new and renewal applications. If you already have the heating system there is no need to change it. The split system of heat pump can be compatible with.
a. Floor heating and cooling.
b. Fan-coils.
c. Mixed installation for floor heating and fan-coils.
d. Standard low temperature radiators.
e. Thermal solar energy among others.

Technical Specification of Split Air Source Heat Pump

Heating Nominal capacity kW 11.52 13.73 16.02
Power input kW 3.25 3.38 4.01
COP W/W 3.55 4.06 4.00
Cooling Nominal capacity kW 10.29 13.01 14.74
Power input kW 3.85 4.16 4.98
EER W/W 2.67 3.13 2.96
DHW Nominal capacity kW 10.06 12.58 15.21
Power input kW 3.95 4.05 4.88
COP W/W 2.55 3.11 3.12
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 220-240/1/50 380-415/3/50
Max. leaving water temperature (without using backup heater) 58
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor Type   Scroll
Dimensions (Net) Indoor unit mm mm 1047x508x406
(HeightxWidthxDepth )
Outdoor unit mm mm 960x990x360 960x990x360 1225x950x360
(HeightxWidthxDepth )
Dimensions (Packing) Indoor unit mm mm 1120x585x470
(HeightxWidthxDepth )
Outdoor unit mm mm 1100x1105x420 1100x1105x420 1380x1045x455
(HeightxWidthxDepth )
Net weight Indoor unit kg 67 68 69
Outdoor unit kg 95 98 113
Gross weight Indoor unit kg 71 72 73
Outdoor unit kg 103 106 122
Noise level Indoor unit dB(A) 31
Outdoor unit dB(A) 51 54 55
Container loading 20' GP 34 (units) 34 (units) 27 (units)
40' GP 72 (units) 72 (units) 57 (units)
40' HQ 72 (units) 72 (units) 57 (units)
Features included  
ON/OFF or Inverter type On/off unit
Plate heat exchanger Stainless steel heat exchanger
Water pump Wilo brand 4.6 m3/hr
3-way valve Switch from space heating/cooling to domestic hot water
Manometer Refrigerant/water pressure manometer
Stainless steel buffer tank 20L
Expansion vessel 10 L
Electric heater 3*2kW
Castel safety valve yes
Castel air purge valve yes
Water flow switch yes
Auto restart yes
Notes: Capacities and power inputs based on the following conditions: - Heating: Water Inlet/Outlet in temperature of 30℃ /35℃ . Outdoor air dry bulb/wet bulb temperature ranges from 7℃ to 6℃ - Cooling: Water Inlet/Outlet in temperature of 23℃ /18℃ . Outdoor air dry bulb temperature is 35℃ - Domestic Hot Water: Water temperature in the tank is 40℃ . Outdoor air dry bulb/wet bulb temperature is 7℃ /6℃ - Data are based on approx 5 m length of well insulated refrigerant pipes. Refrigerant content is suitable for 10 meters long pipes.

We is an experienced split air source heat pump manufacturer in China. Our company provides household heat pump water heater, solar water heater, tube solar water heater, solar collector, among others.

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