We are an air to water heat pump, solar water heater manufacturer in China

We is an experienced air source heat pump manufacturer, located in China. Our primary products include domestic heat pump water heater, commercial air source heat pump, solar water heater and solar collector. They are widely used for heating water in families, offices, apartments, schools, swimming pools, and sauna rooms. Their safety, efficiency, environmental friendliness, easy operation, and long service life has made them highly sought after by customers from as far and wide as the United States, England, France, Italy, Poland, Australia, and more.

  • Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater New times Domestic heat pump water heater with coil pipe in water tank is designed in order to provide sanitary hot water for family usage. It can be used in villas and apartments as well. The water can be heated up to 55DecC, with efficiency saving of 75% higher than traditional electric water heater. The heat pump and water tank are connected by the refrigerant pipe. Often the heat pump main unit is installed in outdoor, adopting a compact design, with traditional air conditioner appearance. It is very easy to locate and install. The water tank can be installed indoor and outdoor application optionally...
  • Household Heat Pump Water Heater Our household heat pump water heater adopts high efficiency tube and shell heat exchanger and has built in water pump inside the heat pump unit. This ensures not only high efficiency performance of the system but also easy installation of work. This product is different from other ordinary domestic Split System which is simply installed to connect to the heat pump unit and then to the water tank through water piping. The refrigerant pipe connection work will not be necessary to heat the water. The water tank connection with this heat pump does not have copper coil heat exchanger inside...
  • Commercial Air Source Heat Pump We Commercial air source heat pump is designed for offering hot water for commercial use, such as office, workshop, supermarket, school, and more. In order to achieve the required water temperature, large heat pump units that apply Unique "V" style evaporator design is a big strongpoint for this unit. It increases the evaporator space in air flow direction, which results in bigger effective air volume. It had been proved to be better efficiency by our testing. This design is also easier for the defrosting water to drain out. Scroll compressor with R410a/R22/R407c refrigerant is standard ...
  • Solar Water Heater 1. Our solar water heater features simple but practical design.
    2. This product is anti freezing and water scale thus it can be used at high latitude places.
    3. Our water heater presents good safety, easy maintenance, high heating efficiency and more.
    4. The solar water heater has high heating efficiency, as it is designed with pure copper solar absorber, black chromed or blue selective coating, and highly transmitting tempered glass.
    5. The heater comes with reliable performance heat insulation layer which foams under automatic...
  • Tube Solar Water Heater The solar water heater is welded with high efficiency rolling welding machine and it is made of imported high quality stainless steel that has good corrosive resistance and good application of temperature.
    55mm high dense polyurethane integral foam ensures the good heat-preservation of our tube solar water heater.
    The reflection sheet for our tube solar water heater is assembled from many stainless steel ...
  • Solar Collector Our solar collector can be manufactured in special design for overseas markets with special anodized aluminum alloy frame, featuring aesthetic appearance and it can bear high pressure without leakage.
    Installation with 50mm fiber glass insulation and EPDM seal strip assure that the solar collector can work under harsh and very cold temperature.
    The patterned tempered glass or low-iron tempered glass (4mm thickness) of our solar collector is not easy to break and it has very high transmission and low emission to ensure high solar yields...

Nearly 2 decades of experience in providing superior quality air source heat pump and solar water heaters has made us a leader in our field. We produce our heat pumps in accordance with ISO14001 standards, as creating environmentally friendly products is one of our goals. Imported parts such as Copeland's compressor, Emerson's expansion valve, and Wolverine's heat exchanger are used to ensure the reliable performance of our household heat pump water heater and solar collector as well as other related products. We've also established an air energy research center with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University to continually improve our production technology and develop new air source heat pump and solar water heater to evolve with the demands of our customers. In addition, our air source heat pumps are insured by People's Insurance Company of China. Thus, our worldwide customers can feel secure in ordering from us.

We, we are also committed to providing customers with quality swimming pool air source heat pump and other products at economical prices. To achieve this, we offer free training to our employees to help them improve efficiency and thus reduce production costs. We also take full advantage of the preferential policies which are put in place by our government to support the new energy industry. In addition, our location in Dongguan City provides us with easy access to local raw material suppliers, abundant labor resources and convenient transportation facilities. All these factors contribute to our affordably priced air source heat pumps and solar water pump.

As a result of our efforts, our company has received ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001 certification, and our domestic heat pump water pump, solar water heater and other products all have CE, SAA, C-Tick and EN14511 certificates.

In addition to quality and affordable air source heat pumps and solar water heaters, we also promise to provide excellent customer service. All our products come with a two-year warranty and life-time maintenance.